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7/16/2016 - 5 out of 5 Stars

Emiles Sport Car Performance, Having owned several older and newer British cars over the years I understand the importance of  performing the correct maintenance and repairs  on these delicate machines.
Peter & Emile are both extremely knowledgeable, experienced  and capable to diagnose correct any and all problems that is presented to them. They always extend a friendly warm smile, have positive attitudes and will go beyond the norm to fix the problem asap. They have completed  total engine rebuilds, upgrades and corrected all kinds of issues  when restoring my Triumph TR6 & Austin Healey 3000. They treat my cars as if they were their own. Their work is first class. I trust them completely with any issue  either with my older  British classics or my newer Range Rover Sport. I feel we are very fortunate to have these talented, experienced mechanics available locally  keeping  our British cars in top condition. True professionals all the way and highly recommended.
Cheers mates....
Alan R.
Santa Cruz, CA

12/5/2015 - 5 out of 5 Stars

7/13/2015 - 5 out of 5 Stars
Emile is a true car enthusiast, and he really saved the day on a recent rally.  The car I was driving burst into flames, and without any hesitation, he sprang into action with a fire extinguisher to get the flames under control.  He worked with a few other guys to repair the faulty part that started the fire and get the car running again.  We were able to finish the weekend and have a great time due to his help!  He's definitely one of the nicest mechanics and car enthusiasts I've had the pleasure of meeting.
Phil K.
San Francisco, CA

I have an MGB. I love the car and it's been in my possession for ten years now. Driving up to MGs by the Bay in Danville my electrical seniors went out (Lucas Electronics...can you believe it?!!!) As such all my gauges went out, lights, blinkers, electrical name it! Ended up with a warped head and a cracked cylinder. Had it towed to Emile's and he and Peter did their magic. For considerably less than other Brit mechanics, Emile and Peter re-did my engine and electricals and the car runs better than it ever did. I'm ecstatic with joy driving this little beauty. And it all due to Emile's Sports Car Performance and the friendly efficient staff. I can't say enough positive comments and my only trepidation is that I hope they never retire!!! 😃
Jim L.
Santa Cruz, CA

3/9/2015 - 5 out of 5 Stars

1/24/2015 - 5 out of 5 Stars

Emile's is simply the best. Great guys and first class treatment all the way ! Would never take my Jag to anyone else ! 😃
Billy A.
Boulder Creek, CA

8/20/2014 - 5 out of 5 Stars

7/14/2014 - 5 out of 5 Stars

i own a 1966 mgb...a runner not a trailer queen !
these guys went "above and beyond" the call of duty to get my car back on the road after a bad experience with a british car shop in salinas.
they rebuilt the engine...rebuilt the brakes...rebuilt the suspension...and more.
im cruise'n with a smile on my face these days...thanks to emile and his crew !!!!
Tim T.
Big Sur, CA

I have known Emile & Peter for years... they've worked on two of my Jaguars and believe me when I say that I ask them EVERYTHING and stop by ANY TIME I wonder what the heck is happening with my car! You couldn't talk with two people with more patience or confidence. They do what they say, have it done when they've scheduled and show nothing but stellar professionalism. When I ask how to baby my car, they advise me to just drive it, that's what it was built for. Nothing will make a car owner relax more than to know whatever happens, there's someone to pull it all together for you and make sure you can be on the road where you belong. Thank you for taking such great care of your Santa Cruz customers!
Sandra A
Danville, CA

6/13/2013 - 5 out of 5 Stars

9/24/2012 - 5 out of 5 Stars

Emile's is, hands-down, the best!
Like everyone, we've dealt with mechanics for many years for a variety of automobiles. There is no way that anyone and I mean ANYONE can do as good of a job as Emile's and his team (thanks Peter!) does. The customer service is spectacular, when you deal with them, you don't deal with a layer of staff where translation of your needs gets mixed up and when your car is ready, it's ready and done right. We are blessed to know Emiles and to be a customer. Believe me, I don't say that lightly.
Jane P.
Santa Cruz, CA

These guys really saved my butt with a 1980 Jaguar I brought in with all kinds of electrical and hard to figure out problems.  They went out of their way to make sure my car was ready to go asap.  Friendly, helpful and professional, I really love this place and highly recommended it!!
Seraphim X.
Santa Cruz, CA

Truly brutally honest, trustworthy auto technicians! I brought in my 1995 Land Rover Discovery due to 2 reasons: the friendly approach I received before I bought it (not from them), and the reviews from Yelp* and others (and browsing their website) helped persuade me.
I was a little worried about cost and hoping for the best and embracing for the worst hit my pocket may endure. In no way am I rich; i was fortunate to take my time and found a super deal i could not pass and was able to afford. My Disco was set an appt. for this past Monday, and oh Nelly! was i surprised at my total. Reasonable and am at peace I will still make my rent this month :)
All the reviews you read are so right on. If your looking to have your auto serviced by the right hands and pricing around this area---this is your place! what's really great and awesome folks, is that they excel not just in their craft---their customer service is top notch! It is worth driving a bit from out of town to have yours serviced and priced right the first time.
it's been hard to trust a mechanic/technician outside my uncle (who has his own business on the east coast), and this place felt safe---as I only entrusted my uncle with my car til I relocated to the west :)
This is where my baby Disco will be calling home for a good long while.
Tee D.
Santa Cruz, CA

5/20/2011 - 5 out of 5 Stars

1/5/2011 - 5 out of 5 Stars

I have owned my '01 Land Rover Discovery  for nearly 6 years. It was the vehicle my husband and I chose to purchase for our growing family. Emile's was and is the only mechanic that has serviced our beautiful English machine! I wouldn't have it any other way. I have always felt that I can stop by at any time, call at any time and I would receive immediate attention. This is so valuable as a new mother. But wait it got so much better..... Then after I became a single mother, I realized that Emile and Peter were the closest thing to a real man in my life that would help me in a heart beat!!!  From my view point a woman needs her mechanic and this equals great mechanics, GREAT MEN AT THIS SHOP!!!! This business has been so invaluable to getting my son to school, pursuing my career, and making sure I can still pay for it after I get to work. I heart the men that make my wheels turn!!!
Amber C.
Capitola, CA

7/10/2010 - 5 out of 5 Stars
Just a word for Emile's sports car performance "WOW", and what was I thinking taking my baby to Extra Mile auto. Emile and Peter are Professional, knowledgeable, and just down right nice guys. They quickly diagnosed my Rover, and like surgeons had her fixed and out of recovery in a matter of hours (not days). By the way guys she climbed over the hill and back with no problems. If you have a car you care about you need to take it to Emile's. Thanks again Emile and Peter, you have a customer for life.
Shane B.
Santa Cruz, CA

I had the BEST car repair experience at Emile's Sports Car Performance in Santa Cruz.
My teenager lost the keys to Grandpa's Land Rover while skateboarding all over town. Grandpa entrusted her with his 1996 Land Rover after she blew up the engine on her little car by accident. A lock smith tried but couldn't help us. We feared we might be stuck towing it to the Land Rover dealer in San Jose. Luckily I found Emile's shop online and gave him a call. He worked hard & recovered the ignition cylinder code from the VIN and had a key made for us. He refused to charge us anything beyond the cost of the key which was $20. Sadly, the key wouldn't turn the lock but Emile was certain he could get it running so we had it towed to his shop. In combination with the locksmith, Emile was able to get a key made and gave us a complimentary fluid check & top off. The key was very difficult to turn in the lock and although it could be turned, Emile felt it was unacceptable and insisted on crediting us for the labor. As it turns out the Land Rover needed a new ignition which was already a little quirky prior to this incident but decompensated after the locksmith, tow truck driver and us aggressively trying to make the key work. Emile charged us only for the cost of the part and even threw in the a second key for free! I'm use to having car places rip me off and I feel as if I've ripped him off !!  In addition to being a sports car expert, Emile is extremely personable, professional, honest, compassionate and an all around outstanding person. Peter was also very helpful and pleasant on the phone. I feel like going out and buying a jaguar now just so I can bring some business to Emile! I will certainly recommend him to everyone I know. My dad has already decided that he will do any future work on his Land Rover at Emile's rather than being ripped off in Long Beach where he usually goes. Thanks again Emile, you are an exceptional person :-)
Jennifer G.
Aptos, CA

3/31/2009 - 5 out of 5 Stars
I had a major repair done to my Land Rover at Emiles.  They spent time checking it out and let me know what the problem was and gave me a very precise quote.   The work was done when they promised and the staff was very professional, they also went beyond the service and checked my tires and washed my car.   I  would highly recommend Emile's Shop, you will be taken care of and not ripped off!
Dona M.
Santa Cruz, CA

2/11/2009 - 5 out of 5 Stars

5/3/2008 - 5 out of 5 Stars (1st review)
I'd like to  believe that it had something to do with my being a cute blond driving an eye catching ever so unusual fun little red sports car. You see I drive a a little red MGB (having just dated myself here) and being far from 20 something I guess I'll have to concede that Emile's just happens to have some of the best customer service and skill at keeping my ride on the road, yet again!  Lets just say anyone that knows British cars, especially old MG's knows that it takes a lot of care and TLC to keep them driving on the road.  My little beast of a car has been quite the expensive "thorn in my side" for some time now.  I recently decided to just go get it finally fixed and put it up for sale, after several years of it sitting there staring at me saying "ha ha you shall never be able to trust that I will get you there and back" So I made an appointment to take it to Emile's, first off finding someone that even knows how to work on one of these is quite a coo not to mention having their shop be within 5 miles of where I reside.  After many dollars later and much attention to getting it right, Emile has made the little red MGB able to grace the highways yet again. He did so much to the car and then  took off substantial  amounts in labor charges.  To top it off Friday I called and said it seems maybe the fan belt might be slipping could you check it and let me know if it is safe to drive to Berkeley? He said stop by on your lunch hour, which I did and he stopped working on the other cars checked it out replaced the belt and  when I asked what do I owe? He says lets just say it is warranty work, no charge!  Now how many places can you go that they would do that for you? So was it my charming personality or blond hair? I doubt it, I'll have to say they are an honest car repair business and know what customer service means.  I am now considering maybe hanging on to the little MGB, maybe for just a little while, as it is running better than it ever has, and it is now getting me there and  back again, and maybe turning a few too many heads, and getting me far too much attention!  So thank you Emile for setting her wheels loose on the highway and making me feel quite young again with my blond hair flying in the wind!